• Christopher Garvey

    Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General of New York State

    Vote Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018


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    The following NY State laws are unconstitutional:

    • the Sullivan Law
    • Republican Gov. Pataki's Gun Ban
    • the NY SAFE Act  
    • the NY Knife Ban Law (A switchblade is the safest knife a workman on a mast or a ladder can use.)

    all of which laws violate the 2nd Amendment. With the confirmation of a Civil Rights advocate as a S. Ct. Justice 10/6/18, I promise to bring a Federal Civil Rights suit to invalidate those unconstitutional laws, if I'm elected.

    Chris Garvey is a board member of the 1653, which today recreates and reenacts a Colonial Militia that has existed in the Town of Huntington, New York since 1653. We concentrate on 1775, just as the American Revolution was beginning, triggered by the British attempt at Lexington & Concord to take away the Americans' guns. http://www.huntingtonmilitia.com/


    You may think that your law is benign,
    That makes "risky" behavior a crime.
    But each law you enforce,
    Requires you to use force,
    Which costs someone, in suffering, and time.

    Copr. 2004 Chris Garvey


    "...a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."
    Gerald Ford - Address to a Joint Session of Congress
    August 12, 1974
  • Many of the issues in the 2006 election remain in 2018.

    See this 2006 interview of Chris Garvey's 2006 run for A.G.

    (at 39 min 29 sec)

    I simply remember my favorite things,
    and then I don't need:
    Zoloft, or Paxil, or Sarafem, or Lexapro;
    Almost as helpful as is a placebo,
    Celexa, Selective Serotonin Inhibitors,
    that were the most common causal contributors,

    (spoken) In 95% of the mass shootings, of recent decades.


    This David Knight video was removed as part of YouTube's ban of Libertarians.

    "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."; https://youtu.be/AlRLMeXEh6M;

    Google has received Federal Grants. So Google's suppression of candidate speech is a violation of 42 U.S.C. Section 1983; 18 USC § 245 Federally protected activities; subject to damages & attorney fees.

    Discussing Judicial Elections

    Suffolk Green Party Chair Pauline Salotti interviewing Suffolk County Surrogate Judge Candidate Tara A. Scully, with Chris Garvey (Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General of NY State) at WUSB FM Monday 9/10/2018. Both Garvey & Scully are candidates on the Nov. 6, 2018 general election Ballot:

    • Garvey everywhere in NY State;
    • Scully throughout Suffolk County.
  • Chris Garvey Campaign Song 2018

    To the tune of Old Dan Tucker

    Andrew Cuomo was in charge of HUD;
    Fifty-nine-billion lost in ledger mud;
    Said his spokesman: "Won't you give me a listen?"
    "It's just unaccounted-for, it ain't quite missin' !"

    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    Big Tim Sullivan won nominations.
    His thugs removed opponents by defenestration.1

    His thugs didn’t bother with an honest job.
    Instead, they had chosen, to steal and to rob.


    But armed New Yorkers were a bitter pill:
    Sullivan’s muggers getting shot and killed.
    To keep his robbers from being harmed,
    He passed a law to get his victims disarmed.


    So now you need a permit, to carry a gun.
    And in most places, they won’t give you one.
    A shameful legacy of bad
    old Big-Tim’s:
    robbers, from New York’s victims.

    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    Why? has a citizen, need of a gun?
    Cause guns save lives, they're not just for fun.
    Tyrants have murdered their disarmed civilians,
    Last century: A-hundred-eighty-millions.

    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    Somebody’s poisoning most of the nation,
    With drinking water Fluoridation.**

    Reckless poison of our brains is a fault,
    Garvey would charge as 3rd degree Assault.


    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    Nine-eleven when the towers fell,
    Soon thereafter, went our rights - as well.
    Stuff- not right- in the explanation.
    That's why Garvey wants


    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    If you're a-hurtin' and have need of drugs,
    You're afoul of drug enforcement thugs,
    Rules a-plenty must you heed and a-listen,

    Still your doctor might wind-up in a prison.

    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    Governments love eminent domain.
    They take your land, which you worked hard to gain.
    That's just something Garvey can't abide,
    In such fights, he'll be upon your side.

    Vote in 'eighteen, for Christopher Garvey.
    Won't rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
    Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
    Vote Libertarian Attorney General.


    Lyrics Copyright 2018 Chris Garvey permission to repost granted

    1defenestration - Throwing opponents out the windows of the Democratic Club, after beating-them-up.


    **.... According to scientific publications in Europe and the United States, it appears that fluoride can cause – in addition to stomach troubles – Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, cancers, recurrent rashes, mouth ulcers, headaches and osteoporosis. It presents serious risks for diabetics and may be fatal for people suffering from kidney disjunction. ... it doesn’t really give protection against cavities.


    53 studies have found that elevated fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ in humans, while 45 animal studies have found that fluoride exposure impairs the learning and/or memory capacity of animals.


    The League of Women Voters of New York State will share your answers on our nonpartisan voter guide September 20th for the Nov. 6, 2018 general election.

    Responses are limited to 1000 characters. Your responses will not be edited and will be entered exactly as returned to us.

    1. What would be your top three priorities if elected?


    1. To Uphold:

    • the Bill of Rights, and 
    • the Libertarian Principle: People should be free to do as they wish, except to initiate force or fraud against others or their property.


    2. To Prosecute corrupt Public Officials.


    3. To Overturn bad laws in Court.


    2. Do you envision a more robust role for the Attorney General's office in investigating and prosecuting public corruption? Please explain your answer.



    NY State steals more money from its people (primarily by taxation) than any other thieving entity in NY.

    I shall investigate & prosecute public officials (elected & otherwise) who divert this money to themselves or to their friends.

    My loyalty is to the people - - not to high officials of established political parties.


    NY's over-regulation of its people costs the people jobs, time, and money. I would scrutinize bad regulations & laws for unconstitutional flaws, and work to invalidate such laws. Victims have helped me identify such bad regulations & laws. My election would encourage more victims of bad laws to tell me about such regulations & laws. I will publicly encourage them.


    3. What do you see as the biggest threats to New Yorkers' voting rights and what role can the Attorney General play in protecting voting rights?


    I have heard first-hand accounts from poll workers. Party officials monitor the rolls to see who has not voted. About 1/2 hour before the polls close, cars & buses with out-of-state plates arrive in the parking lot and hordes of unidentified people arrive saying only the name which they purport to vote as. The signatures don't match, but the poll workers have been told they have no authority to ask for identification.

    I've read of 200 dead voters voting in a Nassau election. I’ve read of similar elections.

    Such frauds dilute the rights of actual voters.

    Conversely, a voter told me he was prevented from voting, even though he had his Board of Elections postcard, because someone else had already used his name to vote.

    I would agitate for a Voter ID law.

    I would use my investigatory power to prosecute and deter such fraud.


    4. How do you plan to use the authority of the office to ensure law enforcement transparency and accountability throughout NYS _ from police to prosecutors to corrections officials?


    A massive job. A prosecutor’s first duty is to NOT PROSECUTE THE INNOCENT. That I regard it as important should have a deterrent effect.

    Delaying production of exculpatory evidence results in poor people being jailed while their lawyers await production of evidence. Jail pressures the innocent to plead guilty. The AG can change this.

    Would prosecute violations of the Public Meetings Laws. Legislation is often agreed upon in secret local meetings of legislators, then slammed rapidly through the public local legislative sessions without sufficient prior public notice nor explanation of the cryptic bill numbers.

    If local civic activists and minority legislators know they can get help from the Attorney General, we can stop such railroading-through of laws and spending.

    Albany’s 3-men-in-a-room lawmaking violates NY's Constitution. Secret talks (between Governor & 2 Leaders) ram-through bad laws & crony spending, without public scrutiny, at the last minute. I’d sue to stop it.

  • Press Releases


    Press Release

    Dated 9/15/2018

    With the primary over, Christopher B. Garvey appears to be the only candidate for New York State Attorney General who supports the 2nd Amendment. All other remaining candidates are rated ?, D, or F.
    Here is a link to the 2018 Putnam County Election Guide. Candidates are graded on their Second Amendment stance. /Putnam_Election_Guide_2018_r1_FINAL.pdf Scroll to p. 4. Garvey has not been in public office, so the Firearm Owners Association based his Aq rating on his answers to their questionnaire:
    Aq "Good Second Amendment candidate whose rating is based solely on the
    candidate's responses to the Candidate Questionnaire and who does not have
    a record on Second Amendment issues."


    Press Release

    From the Libertarian Party of New York

    Dated 5/9/2018


    With Schneiderman out, who is left in the NYS AG race?

    Will Libertarian Chris Garvey be the next NYS Attorney General?

    • With the sudden, dramatic implosion of Eric Schneiderman’s career and reelection hopes, the question emerges: Who will be the next New York State Attorney General? A race that could be safely ignored and an outcome that could be taken for granted is now high drama.
    • All of the good candidates are already lined up for other races. The Democrats will have to scrounge up some unknown leftover who wasn’t considered good enough to run for State Assembly or State Senate to run for State AG.
    • It is during times like these and elections like this that a third party candidate can emerge and WIN. It has happened before in New York. Will Chris Garvey, Libertarian party candidate for NYS AG, follow in the footsteps of James L. Buckley and win a close, three-way, statewide race?
    • Will Democrat voters unquestioningly support an unknown, second-string party insider or will they scrutinize the positions and ideologies of all three candidates and select one of their own, independent choosing?
    • Libertarians and Democrats share many positions on social issues. A well-known LBT with long-held positions may attract more voters than a Democrat “career changer” who may alter his positions to suit his new job description, much like Kirsten Gillibrand flipping on gun rights after she got a new job and moved downstate
  • Photos

    Nassau Bar Assn, Federalist Society, April 3, 2012

    Chris Garvey: Ron Paul has said that when he objects to a bill as being unconstitutional, his fellow congressmen say, “Unconstitutional? Is that all you’ve got? Is that your only objection?”

    Given this attitude of Congress toward the Constitution, is the supposed “Congressional interpretation of the Constitution” due any deference by the Supreme Court?

    Justice Antonin Scalia: Yes, they are due deference. They represent the will of the people.
    Do I think that they care about the Constitution?
    Do I think that they even think about the Constitution?
    Not a whit.
  • Water Fluoridation

    NY Penal Law S 120.00 Assault in the third degree.
    A person is guilty of assault in the third degree when:
    1. With intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes
    such injury to such person or to a third person; or
    2. He recklessly causes physical injury to another person; or
    3. With criminal negligence, he causes physical injury to another
    person by means of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument.
    Assault in the third degree is a class A misdemeanor.


    There is ample evidence that Water Fluoridation causes brain injury and tumors.

    As Attorney General, I would first warn, then prosecute water companies that add Fluoride to the drinking water supply.

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